Are you sitting down?

It’s taken me 10 months to write this post. The words still echoing in my head when my doctor called that day and gave me the devastating news I had metastatic breast cancer. I was just starting to move on with my life post cancer. I had been back to work for 2.5 years, had... Continue Reading →

Back to work – one year later

While all the kids were heading in for their first week of school lately, I was celebrating one year being back at work. It feels like just yesterday that I was digging out my work clothes out from the back of the closet. Excited but nervous to get back after being away for 2.5 years.... Continue Reading →

Scanxiety coming in hot

Sometimes I find myself holding my breath. My subconscious waiting for this bad dream to all be over. And then I come back to reality again and realize I’m still here, that cloud of uncertainty looming over my head as I head in for another scan wondering is this the time? Back at the hospital... Continue Reading →

Three years

Three years. Three years since I heard those words “you have cancer”. The moment it felt like my world had ripped away. That I was no longer just living my life, I was doing anything I could to survive. Three years of treatments, surgeries, scans upon scans, poking, prodding, and so many tears. When I... Continue Reading →

Never alone

Social media and the power of technology are an amazing thing. A couple of months ago, I began using the Breast Cancer Healthline app, an app designed for people living with breast cancer and to find community to carry each other through this storm. When I was first diagnosed, I felt scared and isolated but... Continue Reading →

Hi Ho back to work I go

Just over two years ago, I was tying up loose ends at the office, passing off my work and leaving everything behind to start my fight against breast cancer and focus on my healing. I naively thought I would be back within 6 months but as many now, things don't always go as planned through... Continue Reading →

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