Finding Support and Community with the new Breast Cancer Healthline App


Going through a cancer diagnosis can be very isolating. There are times where I’ve felt so lonely through my diagnosis. Scared and uncertain of what the future holds. Not knowing what to expect or if what I was feeling was normal.

When I was first diagnosed, I scoured the Internet trying desperately to find other young women who were going through this. I wanted to know what it was like to lose my hair, my breasts and my ability to have children. The way my body would change going through early menopause and how to navigate life after cancer. I wanted to know that I wasn’t alone.

I wish I had someone to talk to in those moments. To know there were other women out there who knew exactly what I was going through. That’s why I am excited to partner up with Healthline, a health information site that is committed to providing medical information and resources to people all over the world. They recently developed a free app called Breast Cancer Healthline which provides those diagnosed with breast cancer a safe space to connect and find health information and resources all in one spot.

When you first create a login for your account on the Breast Cancer Healthline app, it asks you to set up a profile and answer questions related to your breast cancer including age, stage, hormone receptor status, etc. as well as topics that are of interest to you. The app then takes that information and helps match you up to someone with a similar diagnosis and interests so you don’t have to scroll through tirelessly trying to find a connection that works for you.

It also features chats on topics like breast reconstruction, treatment and side effects, survivorship, and living with stage IV. You can pop into the chats anytime and there are also live chat discussions hosted every week. It’s a great way to connect with dozens of other survivors in the moment and share openly with no fear of judgement or explanations. Stay tuned November 20th at 6pm for when I host a live chat on the Career and Cancer feed and talk about what life has been like reintegrating back to work after being off for over 2 years!

There’s also a tab where you can search articles that include anything from diagnosis, surgery, treatment, mental health and self-care, to information about clinical trials and the latest breast cancer research. Being able to use that information along with the experiences of others can be so helpful in making decisions moving forward and knowing what your options are. Knowledge is power!DSC_1379One of my favourite parts of the app though is being able to connect with other people around the world 24/7. No matter if you’re awake in the middle of the night from treatment induced insomnia or living in a completely different time zone, it tells you who is currently online to connect with. Surrounding myself and being able to chat with people who get it has been one of the biggest parts in my recovery. Knowing that I can talk to others without the fear of being judged. It helps knowing that I am not alone in this. That others are sitting where I am right now too feeling those same emotions, those same questions spiralling through their head.

The power of technology is an amazing thing. It’s brought me together with people from different cities, different provinces and states, and different countries from around the world who understand completely what I’m going through and remind me that I’m not alone. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, going through treatment or navigating life after cancer, we are in this together. Alone we may be strong. But together we are unstoppable.

I am so excited to be working with Healthline over the next month and share my experiences with others on the new Breast Cancer Healthline app. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the app yet, click here to download. Looking forward to connecting with you all soon!


xo Kim




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