Where I stand

It’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since my diagnosis. Part of me feels like this all just happened yesterday yet it also feels like such a lifetime ago. I had been lying in bed one night when I had a sudden feeling to do a self exam, never thinking in a... Continue Reading →

The Plan

My first appointment at the Cancer Agency was with the medical oncologist who would be governing my chemotherapy treatment plan. He started off by discussing what we knew and what had happened until this point: how I first got diagnosed, surgery, results, etc. The lump removed was 4.5cm when initially thought it was only 2.2cm... Continue Reading →

My Story

Over a month ago, I was busy celebrating my 34th birthday, working like crazy, and looking forward to a girls getaway in Vegas with my best friend.  Until life decided that it had another plan for me...a journey through Stage 2 breast cancer. Let's back this bus up a little further to the end of... Continue Reading →

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