An Open Letter to My Body

I never felt like you were good enough. From the time I was an adolescent into my teens, I was embarrassed of you. Changing shyly in the bathroom, afraid to show others the mounds that were quickly beginning to form on my chest. The unwanted stares and insults hurled at me as I ventured into adulthood.... Continue Reading →

One year foobiversary

What’s in a choice? I’ve had a lot of people asking me recently about my surgery choices. Specifically, why I underwent a lumpectomy two years ago to then have to go in for a bilateral mastectomy one year later. I’ve written about it here and here but wanted to provide the fresh scoop as I... Continue Reading →

Where I stand

It’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since my diagnosis. Part of me feels like this all just happened yesterday yet it also feels like such a lifetime ago. I had been lying in bed one night when I had a sudden feeling to do a self exam, never thinking in a... Continue Reading →

Every BODY is beautiful

Growing up, I struggled with body image issues, my mind constantly distorting the way I looked at myself and feeling the need to live up to an expectation that didn’t exist. When I was told I had breast cancer though and had to undergo a lumpectomy followed a year later by a bilateral mastectomy, I... Continue Reading →

The reconstruction saga continues: Part 1

When is enough, enough? I kept asking myself that same question everyday. Breast reconstruction is never a perfect process and I’ve spoken openly about my surgeries in the past (here and here) because I know I’m not alone. I had high hopes going into my last surgery but found myself feeling deflated the moment I... Continue Reading →

What to Pack for Day Surgery

Getting all packed up and ready to go for my fourth surgery first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll be undergoing breast revisions including fat grafting and removing excess skin with the hopes that this will be my last surgery. Although I am supposed to be in and out of the hospital within the same day, there... Continue Reading →

Hormone Therapy

Chemo, radiation, surgery. Our bodies feel like they've been put through enough. But for the large number of women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer, it is often recommended to take hormone therapy for 5 to 10 years which comes with its own set of challenges, most notably early menopause. Now that I’ve been on... Continue Reading →

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